1. It wasn't me it was my brother
  2. My account was hacked
  3. I was lagging
  4. I'm a pro
  5. I fell into the glitch
  6. He doesn't kill anyone so who gives a **
  7. My controls was broken down
  8. 117 kill streak, that was result of playing wiz my little brother
  9. Kill streak! ....They were all afk for the rest of the match
  10. I was testing some glitch with a friend
  11. I only glitched to see what it looks like inside


Shaman & AsukaKatzu

  1. I gave my pass to a friend so he could check out the game
  2. A virus deleted my textures
  3. In internet cafe, one guy seen my password and join to my account
  4. I used a friends computer -_- Because my comp doesn't work and he had aimbot installed
  5. omg I think it was my friend. I was on holiday
  6. HS rate 60%. Because I am get G36C
  7. After I do unbelieveable I run back to my spawn and shoot my last 10 bullets into the floor
  8. I just deleted texturez.rez CAUSE I HAVE NO VIDEO CARD
  9. I just did glitch, I thought that it was legal
  10. It's not afk bot. My keyboard was stuck
  11. I wasn't wall hacking I was outfitting
  12. You can't ban me. This was the first and only time I used hacks
  13. I only used the crosshair part of the hack
  14. Someone came into my mind and captured images using a hack
  15. I don't hack I only used ONE glitch